Secret Squirrel
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2 October 1965
First episode airs on NBC
In Sub Swiper, a submarine is stolen in front of everyone. Secret Squireil is tasked with getting it back in one piece... more
26 November 1966
Final episode airs
At the end of Ship of Spies we Secret Squirrel stranded on an island, leaving the possibility of a sequel...more

Secret Squirrel

What an agent, what a squirrel

He's got the country in a whirl.

What's his name?

Shhh...Secret Squirrel.

He's got tricks, up his sleeve,

Most bad guys, won't believe.

A bullet proof coat, a cannon hat,

A machine gun cane with a rat tat tat tat.

Fights foreign spies

In his disquise,

Takes him many places,

He's a squirrel of many faces,

Who's that?

Who's that?

Who's that?

Shhh...Secret Squirrel.



Secret Squirrel, the hero Secret Squirrel, the meaning of life
Every saturday morning, Secret Squirrel and his side kick, Moroco Mole, faced danger. His treanchcoat and hat loaded with all the lastest gadgets meant he always prevailed against evil. The meaning of life has many meanings to many people. The innocence of the saturday morning cartoons had many hidden meanings. There are plenty of lessons for life to be learnt from Secret Squirrel.
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